Smart Investment in MARine
Innovation and Sustainability

Our Services


Our services and advices target the sustainability and innovation in different sectors related to the blue economy. They are designed carefully for each project and for each partner. To reach the best results we rely on our expertise in several sectors and their markets such as aquaculture, food security, marine ecosystem management, blue economy, blue carbon, blue technology, carbon credits markets and natural solutions to mitigate climate change. We bring innovation in consultancy by offering services capable to help the implementation or the acceleration of the sustainability objectives of our private and public partners.

Co-building Innovative Projects

We have created a first network of industrial and R&D partners, mostly start-ups with very high technological potential, to facilitate their implementation in existing or new projects in the gulf region and more globally. The different MOUs and NDAs already signed with all these innovative actors will boost the creation of new companies and projects in the fields of aquaculture, food security, marine sustainability and climate change mitigation. During this procedure we are helping industrial partners to establish in the UAE and the gulf region, bring their technologies and develop new products for the regional and global markets.

Training and Education

We have more than two decades experience in this field. The link between Academy, Research, Innovation, Industry and Citizens should be reinforced via education and training. We can give courses or training to different audiences. We can contribute to the organisation of local and international events (workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, communications, etc.) in any marine field. We have also experience of collaboration with marine aquariums and other platforms to educate the larger public and contribute to concrete actions. We also can organise dedicated events for different clients from public and private sectors. Teaching specific modules within university and other educational curriculums.


We are experienced experts in several fields related to Maritime sector and Sustainability.

SIMARIS Avdisory aims to be a smart-platform for innovation in blue economy, food security and blue carbon by creating a highly competitive ecosystem based on the best promising innovations. 

We can also advice all type of investors and the financial institutions in the optimisation of their portfolios and the  selection of the most promising projects in terms of sustainability and the use of the the technologies of the future.